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Commodore 64 conversion of New Rally-X.

There are 2 versions:

1. Standard version runs on a plain C64 PAL or NTSC machine, this version runs a bit slower than the arcade version, but otherwise fully featured.  I recommend playing on NTSC, it's close to the arcade speed, whereas running on PAL hardware it runs at a bit more casual speed.

2. REU  version requires a Ram Expansion Unit (REU) size 128k+, this version is an experiment to run at full arcade speed, currently it's probably running a bit too fast.

The standard version is now a release candidate, it will be the final version if no more bugs are found. The REU version is only an experimental proof of concept to test out fast scrolling using REU DMA.

Development thread on Lemon64: https://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=77960

StatusIn development
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TagsCommodore 64, new-rally-x


rallyx_reu.prg 60 kB
RallyX64RC11.d64 170 kB

Install instructions

Both files can run directly on real hardware or in an emulator. 

The d64 version will save high score to disk.

Development log


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Hello :) Is any version of NEW RALLY X a full version? I would like to do a review of this game for the magazine "K&A PLUS" ( https://ka-plus.pl/en/) but I don't know how far you game is developed.

Hello, nice magazine, this version is complete with all the maps. However the save high score doesn't work, but Bacchus of Fairlight was kind enough to fix the saving and loading, I recommend you use the version they released: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=219965



Ok thanks for the information and kind words about our press 😉 The review is already being written. It will be in issue 22, which will be published in January 2023. I have a few questions for you. Feel free to email me:


Greetings 😉

Nice job.

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Your drive code is somewhat strange. Do you want a hand with that?

Doing an ffd8 save to a seq file is odd.  Just use @:filename when  you save and you do automatic save with replace. No ",s". As long as the disk isn't full there is no side effects with that on a near empty disk. All anding and oring before storing to $01 is also useless. Do 35 for ROM out and 37 for ROM in, and you are perfectly fine. 

Thanks, I very much appreciate that as I literally have no experience saving and loading from disk, but I did run into some serious bank switching issues. I think I got out of sync with the dec $01 and Inc $01 at some point. Anyway I've removed all Kernal calls in the latest release and everything is stable.



mail me at bacchus@fairlight.to and we can go through it. Home this evening.

Hi Jake!

Enjoying this game and wondering if we could run it on our coverdisk for our ZZAP! 64 magazine as an exclusive? (Sept. 20 issue 10 and Oct.30 annual - deadlines) - please get in touch: jazzcat64@gmail.com


I tested all the files above,

none of them works with Vice 3.6.1

They work with Vice 2.4 Only.

Any thoughts?

They all stuck at 8: 7 

Thanks, I appreciate your effort, I messed up the RC1 release :-/

New RC1.1 ready :-)



Deleted 1 year ago

It is, yes, however the RC1 was a bit messed up, new release ready for download.

Gameplay - RC1:

Awesome game!

Thanks, appreciate it. Always love your content Saberman, great to see all the latest retro releases.



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7.5/10 for the final RC

Great job !!! I'll talk about it in my C64 news show !

Do you have a release date even approximate ?

Kind regards


Thanks, the standard version is close to being finished, but the REU version is still an early prototype.

Looks great


Thanks, much appreciated!